21+ Best Marketing Resources for Small Business Owners

The top 21+ most powerful marketing resources I recommend as a marketing professional. These favorite marketing tools are perfect for small business owners.


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7/3/20242 min read

As a professional marketing consultant and freelance writer, I generally get asked the same questions by everyone, and one of the most common questions I get asked is:

What marketing resources do you recommend?

That question is what this blog is all about. The problem is, knowing what resources to use is only half of the equation. If someone were to hand me a toolbox and some blocks of wood, I’m not sure I would be able to build a sturdy table – let alone a pretty one. Successful marketing is not about knowing which marketing tools to use. It’s about knowing how to use those resources to make informed, strategic, marketing decisions.

Marketing is both an art and a science.

The resources listed below are powerful, but much of that power comes from finding the story the data is telling you and correctly applying those insights to your own business strategy. Many of the tools below are easy to use, but some take time and experience to learn. My advice is to stay curious. If you poke around in these tools, watch enough tutorials, and read articles long enough, you will develop solid creative instincts.

Of course, if you would like to outsource your marketing or receive some one-on-one marketing guidance, please contact me to schedule a consultation call. I’d love to give you some personalized support! With that said, here are my personal favorite marketing resources.

21+ Powerful Marketing Tools

Best resources for general marketing knowledge

These information hubs offer a wealth of knowledge. From general, foundational marketing education to insights on current marketing trends, these marketing resources will arm you with the intelligence you need to market your business effectively.

1. HubSpot’s blog

2. The Moz Blog

3. Neil Patel’s Blog

4. Today in Digital Marketing

5. Social Media Examiner

6. SEO Starter Guide Google Search Central

Best resources for SEO

In my opinion, there really is no one, best SEO tool to rule them all, but if I had to pick just one or two, I’d say: Google Analytics and SEMrush… or Ubersuggest… or… Moz… or… Ah! This is hard! Honestly, when it comes to SEO, I prefer to use all these tools.

7. Google Analytics

8. SEMrush

9. Moz

10. Ubersuggest

11. Backlinko

12. Ahrefs

13. Ahrefs TV

14. For private practitioners and mental health providers, check out the Private Practice Skills YouTube channel – specifically her video playlist on SEO for Therapists.

Best resources for online copywriting

15. Grammarly

16. Dupli Checker

17. H1 HeadlineAnalyzer CoSchedule

Best resources for graphic design

18. Canva

Best photo resources for marketing

19. Shutterstock – Shutterstock has wonderful options, but they do cost money. Alternatively, you can find many royalty-free photos to use on websites such as:

20. Pixabay

21. Unsplash

22. Pexels

23. Vecteezy

24. Img2go – Using ultra high-resolution photos on your website will slow your site’s load time and hurt your SEO. You can compress photo files and reduce the resolution of any photo without compromising visual quality using sites like this one. Learn more about photo compression.

Best Resources for Video Editing

25. CapCut – For phone editing

26. NCH Video Pad or DaVinci Resolve – For long-form, desktop editing

I am also a marketing resource – let’s talk!

And there you have it – my favorite marketing tools and resources! If you have any questions about any of these tools or want to bounce some marketing ideas for your business, please contact me. I’d love to schedule a consultation call with you and learn more about your marketing goals.